The Theme of the Congress – 

Great big world through Children’s Books: National and Foreign Literature – role, value, impact on young readers in different countries



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IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) is an non-profit organization that was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1953. Today, it is composed of 75 National Sections all over the world. It represents countries with well-developed book publishing and literacy programmes, and other countries with only a few dedicated professionals who are doing pioneer work in children's book publishing and promotion. 


• to promote international understanding through children's books

• to give children everywhere the opportunity to have access to books with high literary and artistic standards

• to encourage the publication and distribution of quality children's books, especially in developing countries

• to provide support and training for those involved with children and children's literature

• to stimulate research and scholarly works in the field of children's literature

• to protect and uphold the Rights of the Child according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


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The Federal Agency for Press and Mass Media (Rospechat) of the Russian Federation (FAPMC or Rospechat’) is a federal executive body responsible for providing government services and managing government property in the field of press, mass media and mass communications, including public computer networks used in electronic media as well as in printing and publishing. 


a) executes law enforcement and provides state services in sphere of creation and functioning of mass media and mass communications, television and radio, usage of radio-frequency spectrum and orbital positions of communication sputniks for the purposes of television and radio broadcasting, development of means of mass communications and spreading of mass media, in sphere of information interchange, broadcasting of additional information, computer networks of common usage in the area of electronic mass media, printing, activities in publishing and polygraphy; 

b) maintains all-Russian registers of mass media and mass communications, TV and radio broadcasting companies, makers of audio and video production.

The Rospechat is supposed to be one of the authorities overseeing usage of the Internet in Russia. It supports several projects such as The Runet Prize and well-known Gramota.ru, the educational portal on the Russian language. It also had sponsored Maksim Moshkow's Library — the most famous Russian language free online library — and animator.ru, a website dedicated to chronicling Russian animation.


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Board on Books for Young People of Russia (IBBY Russia) is a public (non-governmental) non-commercial organization which unites all kinds and ranks of professionals dealing with book for children. Writers and illustrators, publishers, translators, librarians, teachers, psychologists, critics take active part in RBBY activities.

The main goal of all the RBBY members is to create books of high artistic value, to publish them and make these books find their way to the young readers. They also take great pains to establish professional contacts and friendly relations between colleagues working in the field of literature for children and young adults, to unite the forces in promoting books which serve such noble purpose as developing of the humane feelings and qualities. The Russian Board on Books for Young People was founded in 1968 at the initiative of Sergey Mikhalkov and got a status of the Russian National Section of IBBY.





Saint-Petersburg branch of IBBY Russia was founded on the basis of the City Central Children’s Library named after Alexander Pushkin. It has become an integral part of the library’s Department of Cultural Programs and has involved in its work a large number of prominent St. Petersburg specialists in book culture and art. The branch members in cooperation with Moscow colleagues implement programs, initiated by the International Board on Books for Young People, as well as local St. Petersburg projects.





The Association of cultural workers, artists and educators for children’s reading “Raising readers” was established in June of 2016. It unites state, public and creative organizations, institutions, collectives and individuals working in the field of culture, art, education, book publishing etc. in the interests of promoting children’s literary and artistic education.

Goals and objectives:

• establishing cooperation among the Association members;

• initiation and realization of the network projects;

• informational and management support, consulting and methodological assistance for the members of the Association





The Russian State Children's Library is the main Russian library for young readers. It was founded in 1969.

The library occupies more than 9 thousand square meters. There are more than 15 reading halls that open up public access to the library stock and special facilities for leisure and educational activities. Thus, it functions not only as a public library, but as a major cultural destination and even a playground as well. It is open seven days a week. The library also has the necessary equipment and facilities for a comfortable stay for readers with disabilities.

The Russian State Children’s Library has the largest repository of literature for children in Russia. There are about 600 000 library items at the readers' disposal, including books, music notation, sound recordings, video materials, periodicals, cartographic materials.

The library is also a research center for children's and young adult's literature and a distance learning center. Distance learning center provides access to expert help for local libraries on how to organize their work.

The library maintains extensive and varied contacts with publishing houses and different cultural institutions, holds round-table talks and conferences.

The collection in foreign languages is a special part of the library’s stock: more than 50 languages are represented there.





Literary Project “Children Today, Citizens Tomorrow” (under the auspices of the Russian Cultural Foundation)

The Project of the Russian Cultural Foundation, which motto is a quote of the classic of Russian literature, poet, writer, and a public figure Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, is running since 2008. 

The main part of it is the International Mikhalkov Competition for the best fiction literature for teenagers. Competition is aimed at creation and support of a new generation of children‘s literature writers in Russian, en¬suring the succession of the best traditions of national classi¬cal literature.

One of the Project’s activities is charity in the broadest sense of the word. Forms of charity vary: it may be a theatre performance, children’s party with entertainment, food, and, of course gifts & souvenirs, of which the book is a primary choice as the main resource for the intellectual heritage keeping.

International outreach activities within the framework of the Project started with support of the Russian language abroad and partici¬pation in international forums of Russian language teachers and linguists.

Later on, the openning of Sergei Mikhalkov’s libraries of Russian literature at the Russian-language educational institutions abroad became an important project activitiy as well as replenishing of their stocks with new editions of children‘s books in Russian.


Ministry for Culture of Russian Federation, Russian Book Union, The Non-profit Foundation «Pushkin Library», Saint Petersburg Committee for Culture, Union of Writers, Union of Artists, All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature named after M. Rudomino (www.libfl.ru English version), Russian State Library (www.rsl.ru), Publishers Association of Russia (www.aski.ru), publishing houses, libraries and others. 

We expect the support of one of the largest airlines in the world “Aeroflot” and the Russian Railways Company.


World Trade Center


Congress Center of World Trade Center Moscow, a purpose-built fully renovated world class venue, is considered to be the most advanced, professionally equipped and complete convention site in Russia. 

Clearly designed as international congress & conference venue, WTC Congress Center has the flexibility to handle any kind of meeting: large scale functions, product launches, shows, business meetings, spectaculars, exclusive exhibitions, banquets, promotional activities and special events. 

Featuring 4 dedicated floors, WTC Congress Center offers a multi-functional Congress Hall and 29 conference halls and rooms of different sizes and capacities, which are located in a surface area of 6,000 sq.m. With nearly 3,000 square meters of exhibition space the Congress Center is ideally suited for small and medium scale exhibitions.



                                             World Trade Center




Congress hall (1500 seats)



   Club room and Business room in the Russia’s Leading Business Hotel Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC


We plan to hold the opening and the closing ceremonies, Hans Christian Andersen Award Gala Dinner, IBBY Honour List, IBBY - ASAHI awarding in the best venues of the city, depending on the number of participants and guests of the Congress.



As an option it is possible to arrange the final banquet during an evening tour along the Moskva River on the ship. The capacity of the ship may be up to 1,200 guests.





We plan to provide the rich and varied cultural program before, after and during the days of the Congress; visits to the children's libraries and bookstores, to visit the children's theatre, city tours. You’ll have an opportunity to attend the Russian museums and ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre, to see dances of the peoples of the world performing by Igor Moiseev’s ensemble and other interesting performances of art communities of Russia.




For those wishing to see the country we will offer sightseeing tours not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We’ll provide you with the opportunity to see Russia from its central regions to Siberia and the Far East, for example, Lake Baikal (the largest and the deepest lake in the world, its length is 620 km) and the geysers of Kamchatka, the Black Sea coast or the Caucasus mountain area and many other unique natural and historic regions of Russia.


Amber Room in Catherine Palace, Saint Petersburg



Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow



                       New Athos Monastery, Abkhazia



Shavlinskiye ozera (Shavlinskiye Lakes)






Geysers of Kamchatka



See you in Russia in 2020!